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Boost Your Video Engagement

All-In-One Email Booster Suite

Create Powerful Podcasts in 5 minutes

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Robust Software products created by us.

Over the years, we’ve developed, marketed & supported futuristic Software products, with over 20,000 users in 37 countries.

Boost Your Video Engagement


VidScripto automatically converts ANY videos into text, creates and adds auto-captions, translates both the auto-captions and the audio in the video to multiple different languages.


You can Transcribe ANY Video by uploading mp4, adding video Link or using our in-built Viral Video Finder.

Add Subtitles:

you can add Subtitles to your Videos with customization options, using our Interactive Editor.


You can Translate their subtitle in more than 30 Languages using our AI Powered Translator.

All-In-One Email Booster Suite


MailConversio Combines the power of emails, calls, LinkedIn, SMS with our multichannel sequence to generate and complete sales tasks to reach your prospects wherever they are.

Social Growth Elements:

Your customers can rapidly grow their social media accounts by showcasing their latest posts.

Interactive Elements:

Quickly insert interactive elements that will help your customers engage with their audience and get better feedback from them.

Create Powerful Podcasts in 5 minutes


Using World's First, A.I-Powered 6 in 1 Podcasting Solution that Creates, Hosts, and Distributes Unlimited Podcasts in 100+ Languages Using 6 Artificial Intelligent Trained Engines

Create or Upload Your Audio:

Use any of our 6 AI Powered Engines to create/upload your Audio.


Customize your podcast Details, podcast background and text color, upload podcast website feature image.

Publish & Distrubute:

Publish and distribute yourpodcast across 20 Podcast Distribution Platform, Embed Audio to your website and auto-share your Podcast Website.

Going beyond the Requirements


ContentGenie is the world’s first, A.I Powered 5 in 1 Content Creation Suite that curates, plans, and publishes and Distributes Real contents across different social media platforms and websites.

Xavi Engine:

This Engine allows users to use Xavi, our inbuilt Interactive AI Assistant to generate Real Content for social media and Blog Posts.

Article Discovery Engine:

This Engine allows users to find the most trending content in a niche.

Audio Discovery Engine:

This Engine allows users to find the most Viral Audio/podcast, and convert it to Social Media and Blog Posts.

Our Services

From putting startup companies on the roadmap to re-branding existing companies, Catex Technologies leverages on modern digital technology to boost the value and profitability level of Brands.

Over the years, we’ve enjoyed working with companies, political organizations, NGOs, amongst others.

Software Development

We understand the importance of having a well Implemented Software for your Business and Project. With our well equipt team of professional developers, we'll help your business work more efficiently & seamlessly by developing modern and well functional Software.

Graphics & Branding

Our team of creative designers, designs marketing materials that impresses new and existing customers. Giving your brand a consistent look and feel in communicating its marketing and brand's value .

SEO & Content Generation

We'll help your businesses Maintain it's online reputation by building and retaining loyal followers across social media platforms, through SEO and writing quality content that is focused on your users.

Online Business Consultancy

We'll guide you, provide business insight, review your goals, operations, and marketing strategies then provide you with tips and strategies to scale up your online success.

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People choose us because we serve the best for everyone

We've got an Innovative team

We take charge in constructing and deploying top notched digital solutions to help our clients succeed online. 

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We at Catex are commited in taking responsibilities in provinding solutions where needed.

Our Support system is top Notch

We are BIG on customer satisfaction. That's why our customer support team are always on standby 24/7, to ensure you get the most out of every step you take. 

Impeccable Delivery

We brainstorm, research, take out time to understand the nature of your business. In order to deliver more than your expectations.

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We’re with you every step of the way. We will help you to achieve your goals and to grow your business.